Tanning Salon Boothferry Estate

Tanning Salon Boothferry Estate

Did you know there was a new tanning salon in Hull, next to Rayners Pub?

We are avid tanners! Because of this, we know what you tanners want out of a tanning salon in Hull! Great beds, great deals, great staff. You also want a clean salon, that is very important and above all, you want a big, deep tan!

Our salon is committed to offering a service which is second to none. No cut corners or make do with second best. It’s here to put our mark on the area and this is good news for you 😉

Our Service

Customer service is something that we specialise in! We also know a thing or two about tanning, tanning beds, tanning products, tanning salons; and if we like you, you can add making coffee to that list!!

As stated, we tan. So we know what you want. We run monthly promotions; whether is be free sessions, discounted packages and products or competitions and raffles.

Tanning Salon Boothferry Estate

We’ve been in a lot of tanning salons over the years. Some good, some bad. We’ve taken all of the good bits, and added them to TanUp. We keep our salon clean and sanitised. In fact, we take hygiene very seriously. All of our beds have cleaning agents available, we also provide towels, deodorant, face wipes and even hair-bobbles!