Tanning Salon Hessle Road

First of all, we are proud to announce the opening of our new tanning salon Hessle Road. We are avid tanners and have been for a long time. We know what we want from a tanning salon and have made sure that we have included it in our service.

Why Use Our Tanning Salon Hessle Road?

Our salon strives to keep at the bleeding edge of our industry and we believe that by keeping our equipment maintained to a very high standard, our salon clean and our tubes hot and effective, then we will offer the best tanning salon in the area. We also believe in offering our tanning salon Anlaby service at a reasonable price! Our packages offer highly competitive rates, as do our products.

Where Are We?

The salon is located at 327 Hessle Road, Hull, HU3 4BL, right next door to Rayners Pub. Parking is available outside.

What Have We Got?

Our salon currently has a number of high quality tanning tubes that will consequently leave you with a deep tan in just a few sessions, depending on your skin. It has plenty of ventilation and extraction to keep the salon’s temperature comfortable. All of the booths are equipped with cleaning products, deodorant, face wipes and paper towels.

Our Promise

Our staff are brilliant! Friendly, efficient and keen to please. We have experience in managing tanning salons and can offer advice on anything tanning related; from creams and accelerators to tanning times and best practices. Our software keeps track of everything, no paper based records here!

Ultimately, we promise to keep on top of the obligations our service needs. We will ensure that your tanning budget is well spent, keeping costs and tanning time to a minimum whilst still benefiting from the best equipment there is.