Tanning Salon Hull

The Tanning Salon Hull

The salon itself is well presented, clean and tidy. It offers both on-street parking as well as some spaces for vehicles to the rear. It’s well ventilated to keep the temperature at a comfortable level even whilst the sunbeds are in use. The booths are all equipped with deodorant, face wipes, cleaning materials and towels.

We are located at 327 Hessle Road, Hull, HU3 4BL. (Next to Rayners Pub). We have a waiting area, should there be limited availability when you visit with magazines and other reading materials. We have several tanning units so our turnaround time is quick, so your wait will not be long.

Tanning Salon Hull

K&D Sunny Paradise – Tanning Salon Hull is a tanning salon situated on the West side of Hull, on Hessle Road. We offer a fantastic tanning service at very reasonable rates.

Being sunbed users ourselves, we know what people want from a tanning salon Hull! By offering a great tanning experience, with high spec equipment and the best quality tubes that money can buy. It is believed that we can fill a gap in the market where quality is needed.

Our Service

Our staff are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable in the tanning field, happy to offer advice on tanning, products and any other areas where you may require information. The products we offer are very reasonably priced, going as low as £1 for a shot of tanning cream. Our packages are also great value with the added bonus that our tubes are highly effective, you will find that you do not need to tan, nearly as often.